Sketching gear đŸ˜œ

Well these are my three beautys , my most beloved pens. The first one is a Sailor 1911, the queen of pens, soft and juicy on watercolor paper, the second is a Namiki Falcon, an holdy extra soft and flexy lovely pen, the third is my trusty Hero Fude , I love to draw with this one because it makes diferent lines thicknesses . Love them all.

But I’ m still looking for new fountainpen stop sketch, so last month I bought this one at and it’s a Stone Graph. Well, for the price, about 30$ ( with import taxes) it’s not bad. It has the longest nib I know, it’s really flexy, producing diferents lines thickness but it’s a bit scratching on watercolor paper. It has a nice flow of ink too. If you want a cheap and flexy pen , this is it. But count on a litle bit of scratch on drawing on watercolor paper.

A5 Escoda sketchbook , white nights watercolors and Stonegraph fountainpen pen

Published by Paula Lourenco

Draw AntĂ³nio, draw and do not Walter time. Leonardo da Vinci -

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