On confinement due to covid-19 what Urban sketchers sketch ?

Even I can’t go out, I steel have a lot to sketch partcipating in different challenges around the world of URban sketchers associations. Here goes my sketches made confined at home. The three next sketches are the challenge of #Uskmilano , in the beguining of the week, where we draw what we see from ourContinue reading “On confinement due to covid-19 what Urban sketchers sketch ?”

#10 anos dos USKPortugal

Yes, it’s today the big meeting of Portugal urban sketchers and I’m at it. 😜👋🤓✍️✍️🎊 The all organization of the event was perfect and I was one of those who received a bag with goodies. 👏#10 anos dos USKPortugalthat’s me in yellow#10 anos dos USKPortugal the wonderful goodies I’ve got . my first sketch atContinue reading “#10 anos dos USKPortugal”

My trip to South Portugal – Algarve

Those are my pomegranates from my front yard lost on the Algarve hillsthe litle church of Cachopo- Tavira at the Praia-Verde beach after a visit to a village near by. Was so hot and I needed fresh air.what better to eat on a hot, hot day. This is real Portuguese summer food and I soContinue reading “My trip to South Portugal – Algarve”

Reviewing Stillman & Birn square sketchbook

I finally got this sketchbook on my hands, after being sold out everywhere online. I want it so badly that I wrote to mr. Stillman on Facebook and asked him to put it back available at Amazon or eBay or anywhere else and he answered me ! He advised me a French online shop whereContinue reading “Reviewing Stillman & Birn square sketchbook”

Sketching gear ;)

This post is for those like me that are always looking for the perfect pencil case and the perfect sketchbook. I’ll show you my actual sketching gear but first some of my past ones. This one is from three years ago, the pencil case came from Russia, from Artskill.com it’s real leather and orange it’sContinue reading “Sketching gear ;)”