Simple life 🙂 Simple life 🙂 0 19 19Europe/Lisbon Jun 19Europe/Lisbon 2019 Written by PAULA LOURENCO I have a simple life. I work, I eat, I smoke, I have a coffee with a friend and I come home to cuddle my two biggest friends in the world, Tito the dog and Teca the cat. Sometimes I do not come home immediately, I stop somewhere to sketch a bit. That’s the way I relax and focus on my real life. Sketching is a way to be me again after a long work day. My attention it’s focused on the subject I’m drawing and it’s funny how I see for the first time those things I look to everyday. Sketching is seeing and discovering what seems obvious at first sight. Sometimes I meet other Urban Sketchers to sketch and that’s the only way I don’t feel antisocial when drawing 🙂 Tito . A5 Escoda sketchbook, Namiki Falcon pen with Atramentis document ink Teca doing what she does best, A5 Hannemulle sketchbook

Teca doing what she does best. Hahnemuhle sketchbook

My two dogs 🐕Pisca e Tito. A5 hannemulle skecthbook

Tito cuddling me when I fell on the street. A5 Escoda sketchbook

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